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Fattoria Giambrone Shines Again: Winner of the All Food Sicily 2024 Award for Best Yogurt

Fattoria Giambrone Shines Again: Winner of the All Food Sicily 2024 Award for Best Yogurt

The story of Fattoria Giambrone is one that captures the essence of Sicilian excellence, weaving together tradition, passion, and innovation. In the heart of the Monti Sicani, Marco Giambrone and his family have turned their love for the land and quality into a reality that, once again, attracts national and international attention and recognition.

This year, with a renewed sense of pride, Fattoria Giambrone has distinguished itself by winning the prestigious All Food Sicily 2024 Award as "Yogurt Producer of the Year". This accolade adds to a series of successes that have marked the company's journey, highlighting its constant search for excellence. From the artisanal yogurt, celebrated as the second best product in Italy by Gambero Rosso in 2021, to the Fior di Pepe cheese, awarded the bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2022, each recognition is a testament to the dedication and commitment to uncompromising quality.

The production of yogurt, in particular, represents a milestone for the company, with a growing specialization in supplying luxury facilities such as Resorts, Relais, and Luxury Hotels. This focus on high-end products, presented in elegant glass jars, not only emphasizes Fattoria Giambrone's commitment to detail but also its vision for a sustainable and environmentally respectful future.

Marco Giambrone reflects on the importance of these recognitions: "Receiving the All Food Sicily 2024 Award is an honor that goes beyond the personal. It is the recognition of the love and dedication we put into our work every day. It is a celebration not just of our company but of all of Sicily, of its fertile land and its history, which we continue to tell through our products."

The success of Fattoria Giambrone was celebrated on March 6, in a ceremony that saw the participation of key figures in Sicilian enogastronomy. The event, held in the Yellow Room of the Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo, not only awarded individual excellence but also highlighted the importance of community and teamwork in promoting Sicily as a land of enogastronomic excellences.

Beyond individual awards, the All Food Sicily Award stands out for its inclusive approach, celebrating the diversity and richness of Sicilian enogastronomy. Over 40 producers were honored, representing excellence in various categories, from gastronomy to wine, further consolidating Sicily's reputation as a leader in the agri-food and enogastronomic sector in Europe.

These moments of recognition are for us not just an achieved goal but also and above all a starting point towards new challenges and objectives. The path of excellence is infinite, and every step on it is moved by the passion for our land and the will to bring its essence to every corner of the world.

We invite everyone to discover more about our story and our products by visiting our website and following us on social media. Together, we can continue to celebrate and spread the uniqueness and beauty of Sicily through the authentic and unmistakable flavors that only our land can offer.

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