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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence

Sections of Magna via Francigena

magna via francigena

For fans of the "Magna Via Francigena" it is an opportunity not to be missed by discovering the area on foot, discover the dedicated page ... 

Camper paradise

Cammarata San Giovanni Gemini

Recommended route

turing club camper cammarata and san giovanni gemini
sicani mountains regional park

Our territory

Cammarata, San Giovanni Gemini and Santo Stefano Quisquina (province of Agrigento), largely occupied by limestone reliefs of the Mesozoic era such as Serra Quisquina (1059 m), Serra della Moneta (1188 m), Pizzo della Rondine (1246 m), Monte Gemini (1397 m) and Monte Cammarata (1578 m), the second highest of the Sicani Mountains after Rocca Busambra

Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini are a recommended stop  for those who love to travel with this extraordinary vehicle ...

What can you do with us,

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Your ideal picnic spot

The equipped area of Savochello-Monte Cammarata is located in a beautiful pine forest with a recreational area for children, which can accommodate up to 300 visitors. To reach it you have to follow the road that from Santo Stefano di Quisquina leads to Cammarata. Once you reach the forest state property called Ledera, indicated by specific signs, you have to take the only road that leads to the top of the mountain. The area is also equipped with toilets, cooking points, cycle paths and nature trails.

Sometimes it is difficult to resist  desire to leave  to find something that not only amazes us, but that involves us  effortlessly giving us that sense of completeness. We could commonly call it "desire for beauty" and explore the narrow streets of the castle in the "Arab quarter" of Cammarata and the whole historic center creates strong emotions for anyone who crosses them.


Seen the very narrow streets in the historic center of Cammarata,  we recommend parking on the  via A. Meglio (sp26) Sports hall \ Cemetery, if necessary ask the authorized personnel and municipal police.

Arab quarter

The good lounge

The cities of cheese

Discover the cheese of the Sicani mountains, the high quality of our pastures, look for all the farms

Obviously, those who come to discover the architectural and naturalistic beauties of Cammarata cannot help but go to San Giovanni Gemini, considered the center of both countries. Full of night clubs and many boutiques and shops of various kinds, it gives the visitor the opportunity to spend several hours of leisure and shopping. Do not forget the cultural side, the majestic Mother Church of San Giovanni Gemini which dominates the Quattocanti is worth a visit.

How to get

The base camp recommended by the TCI is the  parking area  "Valle dei Templi Theater", in via Giuseppe della Loggia - Piana San Gregorio. Agrigento but we also recommend evaluating the stops (without services) in different points of the map ( click here )  


FROM THE SS189 AGRIGENTO \ PALERMO STATE:  at the crossroads take the provincial road
SP26 San Giovanni Gemini - Cammarata, possibility of parking in various points on the

via A. better (sp26) Sports hall \ Cemetery for bus loading / unloading, if necessary ask authorized personnel and municipal police. For more detailed information, contact the San Giovanni Gemini Municipal Police Headquarters on 0922 903260

or Cammarata al  0922 907212 

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