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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence

Imagine creating an unforgettable experience, whether with your family, a group of friends or your colleagues. We know how to create the perfect solution to meet everyone's needs. We are proud of the competence and professionalism of our qualified operators. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the hidden wonders of Cammarata, San Giovanni Gemini and the surrounding areas, located in the splendid area of the Sicani mountains.

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Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini

The Sicily you don't expect


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Educational farm

Cammarata educational farm

The hours will pass happily as you discover how milk and its derivatives are produced, establishing direct contact with "farmyard" animals. Guaranteed fun for your children and a memorable experience to share.

Cheese laboratory.

A laboratory that will allow you to actively follow the phases of the process that starts from the production of milk and ends with the cheese, thus discovering the secrets of cheesemaking.

Cookie time.

An activity designed specifically for children and based on the creation of traditional peasant biscuits. Everyone will shape their own biscuit which will be baked and cooked. It will be a source of pride to see the finished product created first hand and smell its fragrance and flavor.

Let's put our hands on the ground.

A unique experience where everyone will be involved and will be able to sow, transplant, water, learn the principles of ecology, relate to the rural reality and, finally, take home a little plant as a souvenir of the day spent on the farm.

The garden of the five senses.

The activity takes place in the literary garden, with the aim of raising awareness of the various aromatic and medicinal plants by activating sight, touch and smell. The educational aspect is also linked to discovering the main characteristics of the plants present in the garden through anecdotes and ancient traditions which will increase not only awareness of diversity but also respect for the environment.

aiunuzzi cammarata
nursery school
giambrone farm
Available in multilingual
Ideal for children

Slow food Sicani mountains

tastings in the Sican mountains

The slow-food gastronomic tour of the Sicani Mountains, the apotheosis for the taste buds to discover high quality products such as pecorino DOP, pasta made from ancient grains (Tumminia, Russello, Perciasacchi) an olive oil that it obtained recognition as "Best extra virgin oil in the world" in the competition held in Paris in 2023 and much more. Unmissable for those with a good foodie and who want to get to know the area through the food. In fact, there will be visits to various dairies, wineries and farms for tastings of various kinds.

Transfers by coach from the meeting point and lunch based on "short supply chain" products - aimed at enhancing local production and learning about its flavors and traditions.

Cammarata cheese tastings
magihouse cammarata
Available in multilingual
Forgood fork

Cooking lesson

lezioni di cucina monti sicani sicilia

On this day you will get to know firsthand one of the longest-standing culinary traditions - through recipes handed down over the centuries - and you will have some more information on the history and culture of local cuisine. Together with the chef of a restaurant, you will prepare typical dishes of the area, and all with 0 kilometer resources. So are you ready to put on your "fadale" (apron) and get your hands dirty? Between good wine and various tastings, surrounded by the scents and flavors of the past, music and healthy fun, you will prepare mouth-watering delicacies.

Cammarata sauce
degustazioni cammarata
Available in multilingual
For those who love to cook

The wine routes

Cammarata wine

The right choice for lovers of high quality products. we will first of all cover the territory of Cammarata, renowned for the quality of its products and excellent raw materials, not at all renowned "a mountain of excellence" such as the caciocavallo DOP awarded by the "best in Sicily" a few years ago, the yogurt second classified in Italy in the Gambero Rosso blind test in 2021, and again, best olive oil worldwide in several years of the "World Olive oil competition". And from 2022 we also have the third-ranked cheese in the world to inebriate your taste buds. Finally, wine tasting from the winery which boasts the use of certified organic agriculture and the oldest hybrid Nero D'avola. And other little gems that will be discovered throughout the day. We will arrive in a suggestive place but we won't reveal anything else. Let yourself be amazed.

sireci montoni fiefdom
Available in multilingual
For wine lovers

Monti Sicani by Bike

Monte Cammarata by bike

There are many ways to enjoy a trip and fans of long bike rides certainly cannot miss the Cammarata - San Giovanni Gemini stage. We'll give you some ideas on what to do and what to see. Cycling immersed in nature gives a sense of carefreeness and relaxation and the healthy mountain air will be the right boost of energy for both the body and the mind... And to obtain a winning combination, good food and tastings of various kinds will ensure that May the day unfold in the best possible way and become unforgettable.

Find out what is best for you:

  • Easy ride 
    The ideal choice for those who want to combine: nature, culture and gastronomic goodness without major physical effort (ideal for the whole family).

  • Bike lovers
    The ideal solution for bicycle lovers. Here too, the right mix of nature, culture and good food but you will have to sweat with a few more kilometres.

  • Expert rider
    For more experienced athletes. A route made up of kilometers both on asphalt and off-road on Mount Cammarata, breathtaking views and suggestive locations will be good for the body and soul.

belvedere cammarata
Available in multilingual
For those who love cycling

Trekking mount Cammarata

Fantastic day dedicated to natural beauty together with trekking professionals. An itinerary that winds through various paths of the Cammarata and Gemini mountains in the heart of the Sicani mountains regional park, moments of relaxation and conviviality with a nice picnic in the greenery are inevitable.

Available in multilingual
Nature lovers

Urban trekking in Cammarata 

Who said that trekking is only possible in the midst of nature? Here is a variant designed for you. Explore the historic center of Cammarata through a route through narrow and steep streets in a jungle of concrete houses. Accompanied by our collaborators you will spend several hours in the historic center which gives off the fascinating sensation of being catapulted into times gone by, also due to the presence of the medieval castle. There will be several surprises for you... So let yourself be tempted by this extraordinary alternative excursion.

Via degli Artisti Cammarata
Largo Nazareno San Giovanni Gemini
Available in multilingual
For those who love culture

Discover with us the whole territory of the Sicani mountains

mussomeli manfredonico castle
tatr andromeda santo stefano di quisquina
cave of santa rosalia sato tefano quisquina

Andromeda Theater

The open-air masterpiece  it is one of the most suggestive places in the area.

The hermitage of Santa Rosalia

The evocative convent dedicated to the Saint of Palermo, a fascinating story in a magical place to be discovered

Manfredonico Castle

A fortress built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and is located on a cliff at 778 meters.

casa muse milna
colle san vitale
San Paolino diocesan sanctuary

House Museum of Peasant Civilization

It is an ancient housing unit (dammusu),  in which important testimonies of peasant culture are kept.

Colle San Vitale

Characterized by defensive structures, sacred buildings and more complex constructions, the San Vitale hill is an interesting destination.

Diocesan Sanctuary of San Paolino

The beautiful Sanctuary  placed  on top of the homonymous mountain, called the balcony of Sicily.

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