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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence

You'll be fine here, we're sure.


Located in the beating heart of San Giovanni Gemini, the B&B Il Carro emerges as a modern jewel within a vibrant urban context. Built in 2019, this contemporary structure is a point of reference for those seeking a balance between the liveliness of the city's nightlife and the tranquility of a welcoming refuge.

Il Carro is within walking distance of a multitude of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, making it the ideal choice for those who like to immerse themselves in the buzz of the city. 

The interior of the B&B Il Carro is characterized by a current and sophisticated design. Each room, equipped with free WiFi, has a private balcony, an ideal place to relax and observe the rhythm of the city. The modern furnishings combine perfectly with essential conveniences, such as air conditioning, a desk and a flat-screen TV, as well as a private bathroom to ensure a comfortable stay.

For those looking for shared spaces, Il Carro offers a shared lounge, the perfect place to socialize and relax. Furthermore, the property also boasts a spectacular terrace, an ideal place to enjoy a moment of peace while sipping a drink or simply admiring the urban panorama.

For lovers of sport and outdoor activities, the surrounding area is renowned for its cycling opportunities. B&B Il Carro offers a car rental service, allowing guests to explore the region in total freedom.

Il Carro is located 47 km from Agrigento, 24 km from Villalba, and just 78 km from Falcone-Borsellino Airport, making it easily accessible for both local and international travellers. Discover contemporary comfort combined with city charm at Il Carro, your ideal retreat in the heart of San Giovanni Gemini.



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excursions from Agrigento and Palermo

Il Carro B&B

Directly in Corso Francesco C. one step away from the Trionfale chariot....

Corso F. Crispi, 10, 92020 San Giovanni Gemini AG, Italia

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Il Carro B&B
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