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Eco-sustainable travel tips in Sicily (in Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini we are already working o

The concept of ECO FRENDLY and sustainable tourism the company from Cammarata Alba incoming Sicily DMC has been implementing for several years in the company itself and also in their tours that stay or visit Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini, and the development of the concept is in continuous growth. But today we want to talk about what measures can we use ourselves as citizens to make a trip as sustainable as possible? Whether for short weekends out of town or during longer trips, it is easy to do and within everyone's reach.

This does not mean wasting money or giving up comforts, just change some of our little habits and become more aware of the impact that our way of doing has on the surrounding environment. Every time we decide to leave, it would be good to remember that tourism is the fourth cause of pollution in Europe and, therefore, our way of traveling can make a difference as much on the decay as on the safeguarding of those landscapes, those mountains, those sea beds that so much we have dreamed of seeing. With this new baggage of certainties it will become spontaneous to make the right choices for the good of our planet.

The first thing to consider is the means of transport. Whenever possible, when we don't have to reach too far away, we prefer the train rather than the plane. In Europe, the transport workforce is one of the major causes of CO2 emissions, however, by opting for the train instead of the plane, an average saving of 76% of greenhouse gases was estimated. A perfect way to start your eco-friendly journey!

Accommodation is also a point to take into consideration. It would be preferable to avoid large hotel chains in favor of accommodation facilities that have chosen to promote more environmentally friendly solutions. There is no shortage of ecological B & Bs or farmhouses equipped with photovoltaic panels, 0 km gastronomy, flow reducers for water and which use ecological detergents for cleaning. We could consider them niche realities but which, in recent years, have been spreading like wildfire with the ultimate aim of preserving the environment and guaranteeing customers a leisure experience where tradition and culture are in total harmony with sustainability and with a focus on supporting the local economy.

Electric cars instead of fuel-powered ones can represent a valid alternative, but have you ever thought about what driving on vacation really entails? Entering streets never seen before and, more often than not, going around in circles in search of a parking space. The most convenient solution? The bike. Not only will you avoid an accumulation of stress due to the aforementioned causes but you will be able to explore inaccessible sites with hidden beauty that you would not have been able to discover by car and, of course, nature will benefit but also physical form.

Cuisine is an integral part of the culture of a territory; choosing zero km food will help not only to substantially reduce CO2 emissions but you will be guaranteed the quality and genuineness of the raw materials, as well as the certainty of enjoying completely organic food. Also on the choice of souvenirs it is always good to focus on artisanal products, perhaps made locally: it can be a concrete help in supporting the local economy.

Associating what has been written so far with other trivial, but not obvious precautions such as: do not throw waste on the beach or in the mountains; do not steal sand in quantity; not to damage the ecosystem by uprooting flowers that will dry up before reaching home; when you are inside the natural parks, never leave the official paths and limit yourself to lighting a fire only and exclusively at the designated points; they are small tricks that - associated with a healthy civic sense - can preserve the biodiversity of a place.

Therefore, here are the key points for an eco-sustainable journey: clear and simple tips to travel with a new awareness, without affecting the naturalistic beauties that each place has to offer.




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