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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence

Cammarata and the nature reserve. One of the most beautiful in Sicily

The natural reserve of THE MONTE CAMMARATA

On a floor area of about 2000 hectares, there is the state forest area, which also includes the villages of Cammarata, San Giovanni Gemini and Santo Stefano Quisquina.

The area is part of the Monti Sicani with its highest elevations:

Monte Cammarata m.1578, Monte Gemini m.1397, Pizzo della Rondine m.1246, Cozzo

Panepinto m.1045, Serra Quisquina m.1159)

The reserve consists of natural forests, as well as areas that have been planted with conifers and deciduous trees since the 1950s and which create a beautiful harmony for the mountain landscape, so that it can be compared to a snowy landscape even in winter.

In this context, the state forestry industry has set up barbecues, tables and fountains in various places, so that in summer many people can spend a relaxing day in contact with nature. In addition, many hiking trails have been realized for those who want to make a beautiful excursion and admire the impressive landscapes, as well as hundreds of endemic plant species that grow spontaneously.

If you are lucky, you can also see protected animal species.

Worth a visit is the hermitage of Saint Rosalia in Santo Stefano Quisquina with the cave where she has sought refuge and enclosed monastery.


The driving force of Cammara's economy is in agriculture and livestock, which occupies almost two-third of the labour force. Agriculture is the main source of income and the farms that have modernized have specialized in the production of cheese, as well as many other fresh and matured cheeses.

The meat, is one of the best, and comes from livestock farms, where you can find a high

professionalism has been achieved, free of contagious diseases. Throughout the district, it has been proposed to mark the meat "DOP MONTI SICANI" (designation of protected origin).

The authenticity of these products has helped to develop and improve the gastronomy in Cammarata. In fact, Cammarata is known for its many restaurants where you can taste delicious, culinary and unique products of local cuisine.

Part of the territory of Cammaratese falls within the scope of the production of the DOC wine "Contea Sclafani".

The population is also dedicated to crafts and industry. Skilled carpenters work wood and produce window imitations of wood and valuable pieces of furniture. In addition, there are several factories for the production of sofas and mattresses, artistic ceramics, wrought iron goods, whose products are also delivered outside the national borders. Cammarata's wives are still dedicated to the production of traditional hand embroidery. Some older inhabitants still realize wicker baskets today.


There are various ways to stay in this mountain village, from excellent hotels,

to cosy guesthouses or traditional agriturisms.

Cammarata is recommended for those who spend a few days far from the stress of the big cities, in a

want to spend a quiet place surrounded by the beauty of nature and taste local delicacies.

For example, as tradition loves: la frittedda (fresh beans braised in the pan), la guastedda (a rustic pizza in a wood-fired oven).

Among the products: pizzarruna, paste bianche, cassateddi and cannola, all with almonds and

fresh ricotta.

Many trattorias and restaurants offer the possibility to taste the more dairy products, such as .B.

fresh soft cheese (tuma), ricotta, and the various peppered ripened cheeses.

Of course, you can't do without the traditional roast goat and the Sicilian bratwurst (salsiccia), as well as the delicious local wine.




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