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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence

10 good reasons to come to Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini

Hi, Today we give you 10 good reasons for your weekend !!!

in #cammarata and # sangiovannigemini😎

Grab the people you love and go! 🤩

Catania is beautiful, Palermo is beautiful, and all of Sicily is beautiful

but you have to come to us and do you know why?

here are many ideas for your beautiful week.end in good company.

1- (day 7) there is a beautiful show in our "G. Lena" Municipal Theater in Cammarata 😍

2- do you bother the theater? watch one of the many films at our Cinema Vittoria yes we have this too😎

3- Obviously you have to come to the Mountain Fair, many beautiful surprises await you from 6 to 8 December😍

4- for the immaculate there is also a trekking organized by Sicani outdoor to Monte Cammarata -Parco Regionale dei Monti Sicani-

5- do you want to miss the chance to eat really well at low prices in our many restaurants? look how many we have, you will surely find one you like, also because we know in Cammarata - San Giovanni Gemini you eat well 😉

6- do you want to stay overnight in a farmhouse, b & b hotel? obviously we don't miss that either

7- are you young and want to have fun? Are 2 discos and a lot of nightclubs enough for you? 😂

8- Christmas is upon us so we offer you a lot of large and small shops for any need, look at those in the center of San Giovanni Gemini on the map obviously there are galore also scattered in other areas of the country, and if you come once you come back for sure.

9 - for this weekend no, but soon we will have our Living Nativity of Cammarata which as always enchants everyone we are waiting for you from December 22nd.

10- mbè, nature is our home, enjoy a breathtaking landscape in the Sicani Mountains as well as organized excursions you can enjoy even just a nice walk among the nature of Monte Cammarata and Monte Gemini. and always a good reason to come, but keep clean for how you find it

Have we convinced you? we really believe so.

We know that we are "a mountain of excellence" 😊

we are waiting for you with open arms👐


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