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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence


appetizers from the San Giovanni Gemini Taste Suite menu

Rais appetizer with bruschette - €20.00

Artisanal red tuna cured meats from

Trapani, Bresaola with rocket and flakes

Grilled Ham Rolls - €9.00

Courgettes, Mozzarella, Oil, Rosemary

Speck rolls - €9.00

Oil, Salvio, Tomello (soft cheese),

Pistachio grain

Smoked Porchetta with Wine - €9.00

Carne Salada platter - €14.00

Chianina breed produced with beef weighed to macerate for 20 days

Mixed cutting board - €6.00

Mixed platter of cheeses from the Sicani Mountains - €6.00

Tuma persa, aged Canestrato, aged Pecorino, and other cheeses

Meat Trio - €25.00

Tartare, salted meat, carpaccio and marinade

Main course

meat second courses taste suite san giovanni gemini

Grilled meat - €25.00

Various meat breeds including Wagyulem, Chianina, and others

Mixed Meat from the Sicani Mountains - €18.00

Fondue Bourguignonne, Meat Fondue - €16.00

Side Dishes

chips from the san giovanni gemini taste suite menu

Mixed Fried Food - €8.00

Sautéed Mushrooms - €5.00

Fried panelle - €4.00

Potatoes and Black Gold Flakes - 6.00

Grilled Potatoes - €3.00

French Fries - €4.00

Grilled vegetables - €8.00


salad from the san giovanni gemini taste suite menu

With Walnuts - €6.00

Rocket, pear, flakes, nuts

Caprese - €5.00

Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil

Julienne - €5.00

Lettuce, Radicchio, Carrots

Corn - €6.00

Mixed salad, tuna, mozzarella

Mediterranean - €6.00

Mixed salad, tuna, mozzarella

Piadine or Vegetarian Sandwiches

Evola - €4.00

Tomato, Mozzarella, Rocket

Nene - €4.00

Grilled courgettes, aubergines, scamorza

Sasà - €4.00

Eggplant, Tomato, Cheese Sauce

Piadine or Sandwiches with Fish

Tuna Bresaola - €7.00

Rocket, oil, lemon

Smoked Swordfish - €7.00

Ginger, Lemon

Smoked Tuna - €7.00

Spreadable cheese, parsley

Piadine or Sandwiches with Meat

piadinas from the menu of the San Giovanni Gemini taste suite

Reverie - €5.00

Cooked ham, Scamorza, fresh julienne vegetables, tomato, suite sauce

Jealousy - €5.00

Bresaola, rocket, parmesan flakes

Young man - €5.00

Cooked ham, salami and primo sale

The Marquis - €4.00

Bresaola, cheese, grilled courgettes

The Reverend - €5.00

Cooked ham, aubergines, tomatoes, cheese sauce, basil

Liolà - €5.00

Loin, rocket, parmesan flakes, EVO oil and Sicilian citrus marinade

Mazzarò - €5.00

Bacon, smoked scamorza, tomato, suite sauce

Pascal - €4.00

Salami, Mozzarella

Punic - €4.00

Salami, lettuce, black olive paté, fresh cheese

Rebecca - €4.00

Cooked ham, Mozzarella

Satyr - €4.00

Pistachio salami, seasoned seed flakes,

Grilled courgettes and balsamic vinegar glaze

Dream - €5.00

Loin, fresh pistachio cheese, grilled courgettes

Tancredi - €5.00

Speck, Primo sale, Radicchio, Cheese sauce

Our Head - €5.00

Capocollo, rocket, parmesan flakes, tomato, EVO oil

and balsamic vinegar glaze

Trinacria - €4.00

Salami, cream cheese with aromatic herbs,

Rocket and chopped pistachios


from the menu of the San Giovanni Gemini taste suite

Hamburger sandwich - €3.00

Sandwich with Fresh Porchetta - €4.00

Sandwich with Sausage - €3.00

Special rolls or sandwiches

Sandwiches from the San Giovanni Gemini Taste Suite menu

Bronte - €6.00

Cecè: Porchetta, Pancetta, Julienne vegetables,

Spicy suite sauce

Devil's Tail - €6.00

Sausage, Onion, Spicy suite sauce,

Spicy salami, Scamorza

The Stuff - €6.00

Hamburger, French fries, Smoked scamorza, Onion,

Spicy suite sauce and balsamic vinegar glaze

Nedda - €6.00

Sausage, tomato, rocket, parmesan flakes, EVO oil,

Lemon and balsamic vinegar

Absolute Palate - €7.00

Hamburger, Basil, Mint, Bacon, Onion, Curry sauce,

Smoked scamorza, rocket

Temptation - €6.00

Porchetta, Onion, Mixed julienne of fresh vegetables, Suite sauce,

Fresh cheese and balsamic vinegar

Todo Modo - €6.00

Hamburger, Suite sauce, Mixed julienne of fresh vegetables,

Tomato, fresh cheese

Panino dell'ufficiale

Officer's sandwich

officer's sandwich

(with pizza dough)

Official 1 - €6.00

Sicilian focaccia

Official 2 - €9.00

Cooked ham, rocket, datterino tomatoes, basil pesto, mozzarella

Official 3 - €9.00

Artisan mortadella, Stracciatella, pistachio pesto, rocket, chopped pistachios

Official 4 - €9.00

Artisan bacon, cream of potatoes, chard, parmesan flakes, mozzarella

Official 5 - €9.00

Artichoke cured meat, Modica black flakes, artichokes in oil, artichoke cream

Official 6 - €9.00

Raw ham, Stracciatella, Datterini tomatoes, basil pesto, mushrooms

Official 7 - €10.00

Artisan porchetta, fried potatoes, scamorza, mushrooms

Official 8 - €12.00

Friarielli, chopped sausage, Scamorza

Official 9 - €9.00

Browned beef carpaccio, sweet and sour onion, Scamorza, Tabasco

Official Your Way

Ingredients of your choice

Sweet Piadine

piadinas from the menu of the San Giovanni Gemini taste suite

Piadina with Nutella - €2.50

Piadina with Nutella and Fruit - €4.00

Decomposed Piadina - €4.00

La suite del gusto

Also for takeaway

La suite del gusto

The menu

La suite del gusto

Via Abate Meli, 8, 92020 San Giovanni Gemini AG, Italia

Tel.: 329 209 3599


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