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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence
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Houses for 1 euro Sicily (Houses for free)

Cammarata - Sicily 

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10  Good reasons to come and live in Cammarata:

  • The historic center of Cammarata, a tangle of houses that seem to be placed one above the other, with its medieval streets, the Arab quarter, is all to be explored. 

  • Great shopping opportunity with many shops of various kinds as well as a shopping center.

  • Possibility to buy excellent products (and we have many) directly from the producers. 

  • Great nature reserve for those who love nature, with many paths to explore and breathtaking views.

  • Vast choice in catering as in a big city. Among restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias, sushi bars, Sicilian street food venues, banquet halls and farmhouses, you will really be spoiled for choice.

  • Acquapark, Educational farms, cinema, theater, municipal swimming pool and private swimming pools open to the public, SPA and gyms, are some of the entertainment possibilities we offer you.

  • Possibility of nightlife in the heart of the city, choose your lounge bar, pub and other places. The renowned nightlife of SG Gemini is among the best known in the province.

  • Possibility of Relax away from the tram tram from the big city but taking advantage of all possible and imaginable services, not usually in two small urban centers of the province.

  • Great choice of accommodation as you like: there are several hotels, b & bs, farmhouses and holiday homes available.

  • The ASP structure provides various services, including the emergency room and the pediatric medical guard; while residential facilities for the elderly and educational recreational facilities for children are as private as some specialist doctors' offices.

Discover "Cammarata"

Discover SG Gemini


Free transfer of buildings in the historic center

 The Municipality of Cammarata, with council resolution no. 43 of 2-10-2015, approved the Regulations for the redevelopment and reuse of abandoned buildings in the historic center through the free transfer to third parties for tourist accommodation, commercial or residential purposes.
Also in Cammarata, therefore, it will be possible to acquire a building for free to make it a residential home, or to use it for an economic activity, all this to try to repopulate the characteristic historic center and safeguard it from total decay.
For several years, in fact, there has been a growing phenomenon of abandonment of old houses in the face of new homes built in the suburbs or in the nearby Municipality of San Giovanni Gemini, in areas that are certainly more comfortable and accessible, although in recent times some enterprising citizens have carried out excellent renovations in the historic center.
The ten articles that make up the regulation establish the procedures for the sale of buildings to the Municipality and the requisites necessary to be able to acquire the properties.
Below is the list with  the cards of the available buildings, a continuously updated list, based on the houses made available and those eliminated for  transfer to requesting citizens.
In the purchase request, to be made using the appropriate form, which can be downloaded from this site, the number of the property sheet chosen must be indicated.
further information by email:

Events & Nightlive​

There are various events throughout the year, find out here what's on at the moment ...

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Where to sleep

We have several possibilities to stay, choose from hotels, b & b, farmhouses ...

Where to eat

Discover the wide choice of restaurants, agritourisms, trattorias, pizzerias, high class and particular ...


Street to ass. cultural center for the historic center

Gero 347 24 74 130 Martina 329 81 43 676



Municipality of Cammarata
Via Roma,
92022 Cammarata AG
Tel +39 0922-907211
Fax +39 0922-903996

Public Relations Office
+39 0922-907233

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Choose to live or invest in Cammarata!

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