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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence
Farsha Food & Drink

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Farsha Food & Drink

Farsha Food & Drink

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Located in the beating heart of San Giovanni Gemini, Farsha Food & Drink emerges as a jewel of local catering, a place where hospitality and taste meet to give an unforgettable experience. This place stands out not only for its strategic position, ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in the life of the centre, but also for the lively and welcoming atmosphere that characterizes it. One of the most fascinating aspects of Farsha is undoubtedly its musical offering: live music is a constant that enlivens the evenings, transforming every visit into a special occasion, where good food blends with fun. This aspect helps to create a unique environment, in which customers can enjoy quality shows while delighting in the venue's culinary offerings.

Speaking of cuisine, Farsha Food & Drink boasts a menu that captivates at first taste. The focaccias and piadines, the undisputed protagonists of the menu, are prepared with skill and first choice ingredients, resulting incredibly tasty and satisfying. The care in the selection of raw materials is also evident in the cutting boards, which offer a journey into flavor through superior quality products, capable of enhancing the palate of those seeking authentic and refined culinary experiences.

Hospitality is another strong point of the Farsha: the staff, always very kind and attentive, make every guest feel special, helping to create a familiar and pleasant atmosphere. The professionalism and friendliness of the team are elements that make the difference, making every visit to Farsha a moment to remember.

The Farsha Food & Drink represents an unmissable destination for those who find themselves in San Giovanni Gemini and Cammarata. Whether for an aperitif animated by live music or simply to savor the culinary delights on offer, this venue offers a complete experience, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates and offering moments of pure happiness. Farsha is, simply put, a place where the passion for quality food meets the love of music and hospitality, creating a perfect combination for an unforgettable evening.

Corso Francesco Crispi, 83, San Giovanni Gemini, AG, Italia

320 0288652


18:00 - 00:00

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San Giovanni Gemini
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