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The global emergency we are experiencing has put the entire national health system to the test.
Protect healthcare personnel
  is absolutely a priority  and, with the help of 3d printers, you can have more defense systems.

From there to our fellow countryman GERLANDO MAGGIO had this great idea  to modify the decathlon masks for snorkeling, adapting them for respiratory use.

Given the difficulty in finding the dpi and their daily disposable consumption, he thought of a solution for  individual use, multipurpose and with filters that can be easily found in hospitals.

The filters that can be used in an emergency are those of the fans, operating at 99.9% even against viral agents, coronavirus included.
Their use,
  continuous, it is confirmed  beyond 24h.

For total protection, since the sanitary fixtures are in close contact with the infected, the snorkeling mask is an excellent protection, as it also perfectly isolates and protects the face.
For the first prototype, after studying many models on the market, he bought a mask from the
  SEAC "Magica" model  and a fan filter.

After a quick study on the functioning of this mask, the adapter between the mask and the filter was redesigned and printed, taking appropriate measures to make it robust and watertight.

From the various tests carried out, the system filters the air breathed by the person wearing it very well.

Thanks to  highly professional design  made by SEAC and exclusively  patented separate air circulation system  inhaled and exhaled, the air flows of this mask are perfect for the intended purpose.



by Gerlando May

From a small idea to a big project born in our home


Protection for healthcare professionals

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