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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

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Sant'Agata feed mill

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Sant'Agata feed mill


The Sant'Agata Società Cooperativa company, located in Cammarata (AG), has been established for many years in the agricultural sector. Its main activity is the selection, production and distribution of durum wheat seeds, a grain that stands out for its resistance and productivity.

The company's offering is wide and varied, with multiple types of seeds. What all the varieties proposed have in common is the constant scientific research that underlies their selection and production. The main objective of the company is in fact to generate crops that are not only productive, but also resistant to different climatic conditions. This resilience makes Sant'Agata seeds ideal for different types of soils and climates, while ensuring high-quality harvests.

It is important to note that the difference between durum wheat and soft wheat lies at a genetic level, being linked to the number of chromosomes present in the plant. This particularity makes durum wheat distinctive and makes it particularly suitable for specific uses in the kitchen, such as the production of semolina pasta. The Sant'Agata Società Cooperativa company is proud to contribute to the production of this essential grain, always guaranteeing excellent quality seeds.

Sant'Agata feed mill


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San Giovanni Gemini
Sant'Agata feed mill

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Sant'Agata feed mill

Grain storage producer, seed factory

0922 904021

S. Agata Società Cooperativa, Cammarata, AG, Italia

Mon - Sat 9:00 - 18:00
Sun Closed


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Sant'Agata feed mill
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