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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence
Giambrone Farm

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Giambrone Farm


Over the years, the farm took shape thanks to the commitment of Salvatore Giambrone and his wife Vincenza. In the 1970s, it moved to its current location in Contrada Passo Barbiere, expanding with the help of subsequent generations.

Located in Cammarata, an enchanting mountain town in the heart of Sicily, the farm is famous for its historic center of Arab origins and its renowned food and wine products. From here, it is possible to reach in a few minutes the Monte Cammarata nature reserve, the hermitage of Santa Rosalia, the Manfredonico castle of Mussomeli and the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento.

The dairy, inside the farm, transforms the milk coming from its own herd of Italian Brown cows. Stretched curd cheeses such as caciotta, caciocavallo, smoked caciotta and mozzarella are handcrafted here. Soft cheeses such as Tomello and Fior di Pepe are also available, as well as delicious dairy products such as ricotta, yogurt and cream cheese. All products are made with the utmost care and attention to ensure the quality that consumers deserve.

An important complementary activity to agriculture is the cultivation of fruit trees, including peaches, pears, plums, apricots, apples and oranges, as well as the production of organic oil and vegetables which vary according to the seasons, just like in the past. .

Over the years, the company has developed further activities, such as the educational farm and the farmer's market, to offer a direct relationship between the farmer and the final consumer. We believe it is essential to guarantee authenticity, quality and traceability for a healthy diet. Sharing peasant culture, traditions and knowledge of the countryside with the little ones is a mission for us that we deeply believe in and an enrichment for the new generations, who can get closer to nature and its fruits in a direct way.

Giambrone Farm


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San Giovanni Gemini
Giambrone Farm

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Giambrone Farm

Production of cheese, yogurt and other derivatives

0922 900621

Contrada Passo Barbiere snc, 92022 Cammarata AG, Italia

Mon - Sat 9:00 - 18:00
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Giambrone Farm
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