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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

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Caseificio Mangiapane - Le vacche Rosse

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Caseificio Mangiapane - Le vacche Rosse


In the heart of Sicily, in the territories of the "Monti Sicani" and the valley of the "Platani" river, is the Caseificio Mangiapane, a place where the fertile soils of the Cammarata countryside give strength and vigor to natural pastures. For several generations, with passion and continuous dedication, the Caseificio Mangiapane has bred one of the oldest and most representative Sicilian cattle breeds, the Modicana cow, to preserve the much sought-after biodiversity and environmentally friendly agriculture, which has now almost completely disappeared.

The Mangiapane Caseificio produces the renowned Caciocavallo, a stretched curd cheese that derives from the processing of milk from cows raised in a semi-wild state in the company's pastures. These pastures give the milk particular qualities and aromas. The processing of Caciocavallo takes place following traditional methods, with times and tools of the past, and is based on the natural acidification of the curd by the microorganisms present, which give the cheese unique organoleptic characteristics.

In the modern dairy, in line with current regulations, the milk from Modicane cows is transformed. However, the ancient and noble traditions that characterized the craftsmanship of the process are maintained, repeating traditional manual gestures that have roots in the ancient "Màrcato". Here, skilled hands carry out the same manual gestures that have been handed down for generations, to obtain a product that is unique in colour, flavour, aroma and healthy qualities.

The products of the Mangiapane Caseificio are the result of the harmony between the natural characteristics of the territory, such as water, land and sun, the peculiarities of the milk of the Modicana cow and processing according to tradition. The range of products includes fresh Caciocavallo, semi-matured Caciocavallo, smoked Caciocavallo and Guastedda del Nonno, each with its unique characteristics which enhance the quality and authenticity of the cheeses produced.

Caseificio Mangiapane - Le vacche Rosse


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San Giovanni Gemini
Caseificio Mangiapane - Le vacche Rosse

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Caseificio Mangiapane - Le vacche Rosse

Production of cheeses and other derivatives of Modica cow's milk.

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Caseificio Mangiapane, Contrada Casalicchio, Cammarata, AG, Italia

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Caseificio Mangiapane - Le vacche Rosse
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