Projects for the fire

Regional leader in the production of Vulcan prefabricated wood ovens.

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With careful care and craftsmanship we develop around the fire, ideas and projects capable of giving warmth, flavor and color to your days. they are in 1979 - 2012. A little story is getting big. Founded in 1979 in San Giovanni Gemini (AG), today our company is a national leader in the production of Vulcan prefabricated wood-fired ovens. We are a young and dynamic team. A team united in the sharing of work, with a strong attachment to the corporate value of customer satisfaction. In this context, which combines different but complementary qualifications and tasks, professionalism has a taste of familiarity. Collaboration, flexibility, trust, continuous improvement, competence, innovation and creativity take on a new meaning, guaranteeing completeness to the result starting with the harmony of those who produce it. In every product we make there is a little bit of each of us. The thing we care about, before offering you our product, is to know you, understand your needs, advise you in the best way possible and transmit our passion to you.


where we are

Contrada Melaco,

92020 San Giovanni Gemini AG

telefono 0922 903240

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