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Stagione 2019 \ 2020

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The "VIVART" Cultural and Music Association, taking advantage of the experience and technical and organizational skills gained over the years, intends to create a "Artistic-Cultural Center" at the Teatro Comunale "Giuseppe Lena" in Cammarata. to aggregate, propose, as well as musical, theatrical and cinematographic activities, which represent the natural use of the auditorium, the establishment of a historical, artistic, monumental and gastronomic museum, a library, an exhibition hall, a center didactic of musical education, theater and dance. Festivals, competitions, exhibitions, meetings and conferences will also be organized or hosted. The Cammarata Theater was dedicated by the municipal administration, to the memory of a promising young Cammaratese who died prematurely, Giuseppe Lena, a young man with a feeling of mind and strong human qualities, donated all his organs, a university student of medicine, as a child he had appreciated his artistic talents, demonstrating particular attitudes for music. Intense commitment to study and social activities. CONTINUES ON THE MAIN SITE


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Via dei Caduti in Guerra, 92022 Cammarata (AG)

Associazione Culturale e Musicale VivArt

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