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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence

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La Casetta sulle Nuvole is a charming and recently renovated chalet located in Cammarata, surrounded by greenery and a breathtaking natural landscape. It is located near the Monte Cammarata Nature Reserve, offering a unique opportunity for guided trekking among unforgettable views. Just 1 km away, there is also an indoor pool with spa, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploration.

The location of the house, about 50 km from the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento and the Cultural Farm of Favara, allows you to immerse yourself in a part of Sicily rich in history. It is also possible to visit interesting places nearby such as the Andromeda Theater and the Hermitage of Santa Rosalia alla Quisquina.

The Casetta sulle Nuvole is located at 1000 meters above sea level, offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Built in wood, the structure maintains a rustic and characteristic charm, completed by a comfortable wood-burning oven typical of mountain houses. Two 3-metre windows allow you to enjoy direct contact with uncontaminated nature, while offering maximum privacy.

The house is surrounded by fruit trees, offering the opportunity to collect and enjoy fresh organic fruit. As an added touch, four cute hens provide fresh eggs every day! For the little ones, there are 2 panoramic swings and a variety of games.

Inside the Casetta sulle Nuvole, you will find everything you need to spend a pleasant evening and prepare a delicious dinner: pasta, water, oil, wine, potatoes... all accompanied by a welcoming oven turned on and ready to cook any delight you desire. It is the ideal place for a relaxing escape into nature.



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excursions from Agrigento and Palermo

La casetta sulle nuvole

A splendid chalet immersed in the nature of Mount Cammarata, a few minutes from the city center, parking directly in front of the structure.

92022 Cammarata AG, Italia

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La casetta sulle nuvole
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