Sansone Services is the holder of General Authorization and Individual License by the Ministry of Communications, and is legally equivalent to all postal operators.
punctuality distinguish Samson Services, together with the following value-added services:

• Complete Tracking of the Recommended Correspondence

• Preparation, packaging, weighing, postage and shipping

• Shipping parcels in Italy and abroad

• Shipping of suitcases

• Shipping tracking

• Packing of packages and suitcases on request

• Shipping Triangulation Service

• Shipping estimate based on weight and volume

• Postepay charges

• Transfer of money and abroad with Moneygram

• Agos Ducato loans


Sansone Services, a private postal operator, is holder of License No. 2270 of 2013 issued by the Ministry of Communications. The postal services offered, including the Registered ones, have a legal, legal and probative recognition equivalent to that of the other Post Operators. Sansone Services is also an official Vodafone and H3G retailer. Dealer and service center for Wiko products.


Tel 0922 903800


via Conceria, 3 a San Giovanni Gemini (AG) 

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