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The company Edile REINA COSTRUZIONI is now more than 40 years dealing with construction skills and professionalism. The company that employs an average of 7-8 employees in addition to the owners, has achieved excellent levels of efficiency and quality, allowing the company to operate in full compliance with the regulations on prevention and safety on construction sites, and to complete of the beautiful works in civil, industrial, agricultural and restructuring. In addition, the company is equipped with an excellent fleet of machinery for small earthmoving works, vehicles for transporting people and materials, and various types of equipment such as cranes, scaffolding, formwork, power tools of various weight and type, tools for measuring and leveling and of IT tools. To date, the Construction Company REINA COSTRUZIONI is able to coordinate twenty people to form work teams and manage the various active sites. Our works can be seen in the territory of the province of Agrigento, Palermo and Caltanissetta. Our company deals with all the building problems: in fact it is able to support any work site construction. This then gives you the opportunity to call only one company that does your work, without the inconvenience of having to compare with different figures. In fact we deal with


· Structures in C.A.

· Internal Finishing

· Prospects of Any Kind

· External Accommodations

· Stone Masonry

· Waterproofing with or without demolition and thermo-acoustic


· Roofing (also we are qualified Layers Canadian Roof) · Earthmoving

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where we are

Via Cozzo dè Monaci 
San Giovanni Gemini

Tel: 392 9350198
Mob: 347 0510648

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