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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence

The "Ziti" with meat in sauce for Shrove Tuesday

Obviously we don't know where the "Original" recipe comes from and if it still exists, but it should be Campana according to Dr. Google ;-) at least the ziti are, but there are variations throughout Italy. The fact is, this preparation so full of fat is the rich dish that will prepare us for the period of Lent.

Well here is our version, we call it Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini as our grandmothers did right here ;-)

Ingredients for 6 \ 8 people:

400 grams of local Sicana quality sausage if possible (with fennel seeds to taste)

300 Grams of Pork Needles

400 Pork Stew

400 Beef Stew

1 piece of rind (already cleaned) to taste

2 liters of tomato puree (if possible a homemade preserve)

1 white onion or fresh spring onion

1 clove of garlic

2 sticks of celery

2 carrots

8 medium potatoes

red wine to taste

chili pepper to taste

Laurel, rosemary if you like

Evo oil to taste

Salt to taste.

2 teaspoons of sugar

600 grams of Ziti (or other pasta to taste)


First of all, let's start by browning the meat a little at a time with a little extra virgin olive oil (except the sausage), the aromas that develop the meat that takes color will remain in the sauce so it takes. After browning the meat to close the pores so as to remain nice and juicy, let's put it in the heat, perhaps with a bit of foil on top, then, in the same casserole (or cuadaruni) we insert the favorite magical trio of all Italy, that is celery carrot and onion, the "must" that gives the special taste, let's also crush the garlic and we are alright (even not for those who do not love it), an explosion of flavors ready to welcome the meat. As soon as the mince takes on a nice color, add the sausage cut into pieces of about 8/10 centimeters, let it brown all together for a few minutes to make the sausage take color and consistency, then insert the rest of the already browned papers, salt and pepper to taste. After much of the liquid of the vegetables and meat has evaporated, we insert a nice glass of red wine (maybe a nice red from the "Feudo Montoni" of Cammarata?) But always to taste, sometimes there are people who do not like the taste of wine in the meat therefore it can very well be omitted, it is important to let the alcohol evaporate completely. Then we come to add the lady "tomato sauce" and cook over low heat with calm typical of ragù by also inserting the aromas such as bay leaf or a sprig of rosemary. My grandmother didn't wear anything, for example, and a bomb came anyway.

After an hour we can try the flavor of the recipe, in case add some of what you need (salt, pepper, chilli and sugar). We continue cooking until almost finished. If we see that the stew is almost ready, insert the peeled potatoes in the sauce, try to choose them of the same size and small. As soon as the potatoes are ready, turn off the heat and let them rest. Cook the pasta and then ....

Especially with ziti left long, have fun and make a disaster at the table to the delight of Grandmother :-D. Happy Shrove Tuesday everyone.


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