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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence

Discovering 'Le Vacche Rosse': a journey through authentic flavors and centuries-old traditions

Journey to Cammarata Among Flavors and Traditions

Discovering 'Le Vacche Rosse': a journey through authentic flavors and centuries-old traditions

Nestled in the lush green heart of Sicily, where the "Monti Sicani" mountains merge with the fertile "Platani" river valley, the Educational Farm "Le Vacche Rosse" stands out like a jewel set in a landscape of unmatched beauty. This corner of paradise, enclosed within the untouched hills of the regional province of Agrigento, is the place where a deep love for agriculture has been cultivated for generations, along with an unceasing commitment to safeguard a precious cattle breed: the Modicana cow.

The cows, bred in semi-freedom, graze in the vast meadows of Cammarata, an ideal habitat that gives their milk a superior quality and an unmistakable taste. From this milk, thanks to a careful and long process that preserves ancient methods and timings, the Caciocavallo cheese is born, a symbol of Sicilian dairy tradition.

Caciocavallo, a stretched-curd cheese, is produced through a natural acidification process of the curd, promoted by specific microorganisms. This procedure gives the cheese a unique bouquet of aromas and flavors. Within the company's dairy, strictly following local regulations, the ancient traditions are perpetuated, those same that once animated the ancient "Màrcato", the place devoted to bovine activities, from milking to cheese production.

The products of the Educational Farm "Le Vacche Rosse" embody the perfect harmony between the generous characteristics of the land - pure water, fertile soil, warm sun - and the peculiarities of the Modicana cow's milk. Among the delicacies offered, the Caciocavallo stands out in its fresh, semi-seasoned, and smoked variants, and the "Guastedda del Nonno", a traditional cheese with a unique loaf-like shape.

"Le Vacche Rosse" is not just a farm, but a true bastion of respect for the environment and sustainability, the guiding principles of every activity. The company's history, deeply rooted in the Sicilian territory and carried forward with dedication by a family that has been committed to agriculture for generations, is reflected in every product, making the bond with the land of origin tangible.

Their passion and commitment have not gone unnoticed: over the years, "Le Vacche Rosse" has received numerous awards and recognitions, a testament to the quality of the work done and the dedication to tradition and innovation. These awards, besides representing a rightful recognition for the effort put in, are the symbol of excellence and quality that each product of the company carries with it.

Every stage of production is followed with obsessive care: from the health and well-being of the animals, through the quality of the milk, to the processing of the cheeses. A production cycle based on respect for the environment and the dignity of animals, in a perfect combination of ancient wisdom and technological innovation.

The "Le Vacche Rosse" company is also an example of sustainability. The focus on reducing environmental impact and on the sustainable use of resources, together with the enhancement of biodiversity, make the company a model to follow in the modern agricultural landscape.

In addition to the production of high-quality cheeses, the company plays an important role in the field of agricultural education, offering educational paths and activities. Students and visitors have the opportunity to discover the production processes, respect for animals and the environment, and to appreciate the value of agricultural work.

Finally, the Educational Farm "Le Vacche Rosse" is a reference point for those looking for authentic products, made with passion and respect for nature. The cheeses offered, from the Caciocavallo in its variants to the "Guastedda del Nonno", are not only delicious, but also tell the story of a land and a family that, with love and dedication, have been devoted to preserving ancient traditions. It's an authentic and flavorful journey into the heart of Sicily, beginning in the lush pastures of Cammarata and reaching the tables of the most discerning consumers.

Journey to Cammarata Among Flavors and Traditions

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