Madonna of Miracles,



The livestock fair of the Madonna dei Miracoli in the past was among the largest in western Sicily. Previous to sowing, the urtima fair took place on the second Sunday of October in one of the common lands of Cammarata and San Giovanni, near the lower part of the town. For the position the fair was called fera di Ncapuacosta (or fera da matrices) in Cammarata bassa and fera di sutta u cùozzu in San Giovanni Gemini and in the upper part of Cammarata. Along the streets around the Matrice there was a market where agricultural tools and various junk were sold: everything that could be useful for the winter. After World War II the fair was resumed, it began to treat a ride in costume that evoked a vow made to the Madonna del Conte di Cammarata. It was a singular show that attracted a lot of crowds. After the Second World War it was revived but then declined. The sangiovannesi have been able to catch the change: the tradition disappeared in Cammarata the fair has moved to San Giovanni Gemini becoming the feast of Our Lady of Providence. The last cattle fairs took place in the 70s of the last century. The typical food was (and still is) roasted chestnuts (chestnuts). (pastoral unit of Cammarata thanks: Pastoral unity of Cammarata

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