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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence
Irene Catarella with Marco Columbro and Pippo Franco
Irene Catarella poetess
Irene Catarella and Salvo Mugnez


Irene Catarella was born on June 19, 1974 by Professor Enzo Catarella from Cammarata and the teacher Nazarena Pellitteri from San Giovanni Gemini, two inland towns in the province of Agrigento. At 18 she was struck by Ménièr Syndrome which disappeared after 15 years, a period that allowed her to consolidate her faith and to delve into the study of the human soul. Poet, teacher, journalist, Jungian counselor, naturopath, Bible scholar and fine love poet, but also the voice of the persecuted and promoter of humanity, she obtained her first degree with full marks at the Catholic University of Milan where she still holds the role of Culttrice of modern and contemporary Italian literature. He has won numerous competitions thanks to which he has published 3 books of love poems. He has created numerous neologisms, such as #carneanima, #corpoanima, #fortezzadolcezza, #cantomelodia, etc…, of which he owns the copyrights.  She was the first Sicilian poet to participate with 8 poems at the Pro Biennale di Venezia 2021 which for the first time opened the doors to poetic art. It is included in the Mondadori catalog “L'Arte in Quarantine” with lyrics relating to Covid. She will be present at the Festival dei due Mondi in Spoleto in the Spoleto Arte exhibition from 4 to 10 July 2021. She was President of Fidapa di Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini in the two-year period 2017-2019 promoting activities in favor of schools, the territory and women, such as the installation of the red anti-violence benches in both countries. Promoter of history and traditions, she is the Founding President of the Abatellis Branciforti Historical Group, Counts of Cammarata and Dukes of San Giovanni Gemini, the first historical group founded in the territory. She has been and is on the jury of numerous literary and poetic competitions, such as the “Concetta Di Piazza” competition and the “Asas” Prize. He writes for Food & Beverage where he curates an art column, interviews with food and wine excellence from all over Italy, the relationship between food and psyche. She is also a journalist of the National Association of Women of Wine. She is a local benefactor with many donations including a defibrillator in honor of her recently deceased father.

​While I always feel in your thoughts because the thrill

of desire pervades me constantly

as an inexorable divinity who demands devotion

unconditional from all of myself.

From my first cry I wait for you,

Carneanima of my Carneanima,

to finally appease

the lacerating emptiness of the lack of myself.

(from the book Anima Gemella)

Irene Catarella

Writer and poet

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Intervista Speciale a Irene Catarella
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San Giovanni Gemini

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Irene Catarella

Discover the historical group Abatellis-Branciforti Conti di Cammarata
Dukes of San Giov. Gemini

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The collection dedicated to all the interventions and interviews dedicated to Irene

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Irene Catarella, communication task force manager of Fidapa Sicilia

New collaborations

Irene Catarella elected Head of the Communication Task Force of the Fidapa District of Sicily. This is a new role within the Fidapa Regional District. For the Sicily District, Irene Catarella is the first in history to hold this prestigious position

Universal Interiorism Literary Movement

Universal Interiorism is a literary movement, exquisitely poetic, which was born in the 21st century in Sicily, notoriously the land of poetry, under the impulse of Irene Catarella, Professor, Jungian counselor, journalist, naturopath, Bible scholar and fine poetess of love, voice of the persecuted and promoter of humanity.

It is a hybrid poetic representation, we could say oxymoronic, in other words a negation in terms: a concept and its opposite are placed side by side. On the one hand, Interiorism with its need to travel towards the self, towards that clot of feelings that is ours alone, on the other hand universality, that is, that centrifugal drive that leads to dilating the boundaries of one's self and extending them both towards the other, both also towards an ailleurs who has the scent of magic.

The ultimate goal is to create and disseminate poetry texts, defined as the language of excellence of the web, using neologisms consisting of compound words, as an elective communication tool for an elective community of users, all strictly preceded by the hashtag #. #Parolebraccia I began to write to communicate to the world the #sognomessage of my #corpoanima to give my #brothers & sisters those #brothers' words where you can snuggle up safe from the # din of the world and from the # rivalries and envy that pollute our #beessence


​Universal Interiorism literary movement

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The restoration of the urn of the dead Christ of San Giovanni Gemini
book jesus of nazarene

Buy the  new book by Irene Catarella

#Cantoanima is  only in the best stores

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Buy the  new book by Irene Catarella

#Cantoanima is  only in the best stores

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