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Today Inoxart is synonymous with genius, ideas, innovation, style, passion for refined forms and the ability to express itself. Our collections represent an alchemy of design, ability, innovation and experimentation that is never the same.

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Inox Art 

The company, founded in 1990, is constantly evolving and, from its birth up to today, has made remarkable progress towards the direction of a Know-How increasingly refined by experience and knowledge. Progress that, thanks to the commitment of the progenitor Giuseppe, and then the sons Carmelo and Alessandro, could translate, in a few years, with a significant increase in its turnover. Over the years, the company has also developed an activity in the design and construction of accessories and furnishings in stainless steel, up to today, to the shop design. The attention to lighting, the landscape and the sought-after aesthetics are the characteristics common to the projects realized by inox Art. Fundamental, for the company are contacts with the best brands in Italy that, with their experience and quality in every sector, they contribute to the image that Inox Art has built with commitment, seriousness and dedication from 20 years of activity. The attention, which Inox Art puts into the most daring and original details, is translated into the use of languages, materials and new forms, creating different but invariably unique and suggestive atmospheres. Today the company employs a qualified staff ranging from design to production and from accounting to sales with an organized sales network throughout Sicily.

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TELEFONO: 0922 908177

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Contrada Tumarrano,

92022 Cammarata (Agrigento)

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