the Capuchin convent

Begun to build in 1572 at the behest of the Duke Ercole Branciforti and completed a few years later, it was restored several times in the 1600s. Before the Napoleonic code it was a burial place and there still remain many tombs. In addition to a canvas depicting the Madonna between St. Francis and St. Lucy, placed on the high altar on the 1677, it is possible to admire the precious wooden tabernacle carved by an anonymous artist. Later the convent was enriched with a library and many paintings by the famous Capuchin painter Fra Fedele from San Biagio, actually Matteo Sebastiano Palermo Tirrito, born in S. B. Platani on 18.01.1717 and died in Palermo on 9.08.1801.

cappuccini 3.jpg
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