Also this year the kermesse of our "mountain fair" of San Giovanni Gemini and Cammarata has been renewed at the 14th edition. On 6, 7 and 8 December 2019 discover it among tastings, shows, show-cooking, workshops and entertainment of various kinds that will make the visitor live all the culinary knowledge and much more on our territory, the flagship in the Sicani mountains.

What to do and what to see
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The ideal territory for the highest quality products made in Italy

Scopri "una montagna di "formaggi d'eccellenza", la rubrica che abbiamo dedicato al nostro grande patrimonio caseario a CaDiscover "a mountain of" excellent cheeses ", the column we dedicated to our great dairy heritage in Cammarata San Giovanni Gemini, find the description of the various cheeses and much moremmarata San Giovanni Gemini, trovi la descrizione dei vari formaggi e tanto altro ancora

Licia Colò will be present along with Alessandro Antonino and the TV program crew The world together with TV2000 to tell the heart of the Sicani Mountains through a documentary ...

Quality of our home

In recent years, numerous farms and animal husbandry have been transformed into dairies in line with new technologies in compliance with health and community standards, while maintaining the uniqueness and genuineness of products to better meet the needs of the market. Besides the production of meat, milk and cheese, the Sangiovese economy is characterized by the production of: extra virgin olive oil, preserves, fruit, jams and honey. The cheeses produced, coming from both cow's milk and sheep's and goat's milk are of high quality and in the variety emerge: Caciocavallo and Provola, Ainuzzi, Panuzzo smoked, Primosale, Pecorino canestrato and ricotta.

Not just the live grib, find out what to do in
San Giovanni Gemini and Cammarata

There are many activities that can be carried out in our towns, dozens of restaurants that deal with the products of the Sicani mountains, ensuring high quality at a great price, in addition, many places to stay between hotels, farms B & B holiday homes. Vastissima choice of shops, nightclubs available in the city center, as well as the beauty of the territory itself with its majestic Mount Cammarata dominating the sovereign.

NEXT EVENTS 22 December 2019

Inauguration of the Crib Saturday

h. 17:00 - 21.30

Living crib of Cammarata

Opening days

22 - 26 - 28 - 29  Dicember 2019 h 17.00 - 21.30

1 - 5 - 6 January 2020 h 17.00 - 21.30

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