Chi era Don Bosco

The san domenico church

ohn Bosco was born into a peasant family at the Becchi, a fraction of Castelnuovo d'Asti (now Castelnuovo Don Bosco) on August 16, 1815. His father, Francesco, who had married Margaret Occhiena on second marriage, died when he was two years old and home certainly did not lack the difficulty because of the half-brother. When he was born, he had a dream that he revealed to him to be the Lord to him. he desist, he saw him with a man with a very bright face and he said: "I love the mother of you" charity you will have to get these "your friends" so, immediately ask them to make an education on the ugliness of sin and on the preciousness of virtue ". Then appeared a woman of majestic appearance, the Virgin Mary, showing him to the field - "kids, dogs and several other animals" - said to him: "Make yourself humble, strong and robust" , concluded: "In your time you will understand everything."

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The program

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