equiturism san Lorenzo

The activities with the donkey are educational interventions and re-education to the relationship, aimed at promoting conditions of well-being.

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The human-animal relationship is as old as the human being itself


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where we are

Contrada San Lorenzo

92022 Cammarata AG

Telefono: 3289758104

The San Lorenzo Equiturismo company was founded in 2014 by the passion of a family for its land and for nature. Giuseppe Caldarella has worked for years in the agricultural sector, a professional who respects the environment and is attentive to the needs of small farmers. The love for his work and interest in nature led him to create a reality immersed in olive groves and ancient oaks, an expression of the deep bond with his land, passed on to him by his parents and even before his grandparents. The management today is in the hands of Walter, the second-born, who graduated in Teramo in the planning and management of tourism systems, believing in the project of his father and supported by his mother and brothers takes care of the entire management of the structure. According to a legend, the entire complex stands on a small cave excavated as a refuge during the Christian persecutions. Around 1800, a small chapel was built in honor of San Lorenzo. Currently, the structure is equipped with a cozy room that lends itself to the realization of events; of straw, rural buildings made with the drywall technique; a museum of peasant art; There is a relaxation area, a playground with two cable cars and an area that hosts poultry, horses and donkeys. Passion, sharing, ambition, welcome, respect for the earth and the environment in which we live are the key points of our mission. Among the future objectives, there is undoubtedly the realization of projects able to enhance the history of the territory and the continuous improvement of the structure in order to better meet the needs of our visitors. We are waiting for you!

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