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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

A mountain of excellence
Feudo Montoni, wines since 1469

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Feudo Montoni, wines since 1469


In 1469, in the heart of the Principality of Villanova, a fascinating baglio arose, a typical quadrangular courtyard building, built by the noble Aragonese Abatellis family. This majestic building is located on the hills of Cammarata, offering a panoramic view that extends between Agrigento, Palermo and Caltanissetta. For centuries, the renowned wines of Feudo Montoni have been produced in the same cellars and from the same lands. Already in 1595, the agronomist and doctor Andrea Bacci, in his treatise De Naturali Vinorum Historia, praised the winemaking tradition and the quality of the wines produced in these lands.

At the end of the 19th century, the history of Feudo Montoni was intertwined with that of the Sireci family. Elio Sireci, Fabio's father, selected the best plants present on the estate and modernized the cellar in the second half of the twentieth century. For thirty years, Fabio has continued the work of his grandfather and father, preserving the ancient vines and their grapes. Giuseppina, nicknamed Scaccina, also works in the cellar and welcomes visitors with kindness and a warm smile.

At Feudo Montoni, everything revolves around listening to nature. The company's artisanal philosophy respects the conditions of balance created by mother nature, which only by following and supporting can excellence in products be achieved. Currently, the vineyard is certified organic and is managed in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The vines are located at an altitude of almost 800 metres, in a terroir that has proven ideal for producing a taut and elegant nero d'Avola, as well as fresh whites with a pleasant acidity and minerality. This is a mountain Sicily, which differs from the typical Mediterranean environment. The vineyard is naturally covered by grass and is in symbiosis with other selected crops. The soils vary from sandy at altitude to clayey in the valley. The systems are both modern, espalier, and traditional, with saplings over fifty years old, like those that give rise to Vrucara.

Feudo Montoni's production philosophy is based on a fascinating protocol. The grapes are vinified within an hour of the harvest, after careful sensory evaluations and strictly manual harvesting. The fermentations are natural, including malolactic fermentation, and only monovarietal wines are produced. The fermentation temperature is controlled, but the stabilizations and decantations are completely natural. The use of barrels is limited, but measured. Since 2013, all wines are certified organic.

The black of

Avola dominates the range of Feudo Montoni wines. Nero d'Avola Lagnusa is a fresh and soft wine, with notes of capers and red fruits, representing the most immediate expression of the grape variety. The Vrucara, on the other hand, ages for 45 months in concrete, a red with great flavor, majestic and imposing, chiseled and worth waiting for. The Rose di Adele, a rosé from Nero d'Avola, enhances the fruity and fragrant characteristics of this variety, without neglecting the minerality of the terroir. Among the whites, the Inzolia dei Fornelli stands out, herbaceous and aromatic, pleasantly mineral, together with the Grillo della Timpa, savory and citrusy. (Source: Italvinus)

Feudo Montoni, wines since 1469


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San Giovanni Gemini
Feudo Montoni, wines since 1469

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Feudo Montoni, wines since 1469

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Feudo Montoni, wines since 1469
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