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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

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Acquapark Scivolandia

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Acquapark Scivolandia


The Scivolandia water park is located in the territory of Cammarata, in the Tumarrano plain, and is located on the connection line between Palermo and Agrigento in the center of Sicily. With its 70,000 square meters of surface area, it is the second largest water park in Sicily after Etnaland. The structure includes approximately 12,000 square meters of parking and two lagoons made up of six swimming pools for a total of 2,000 square meters of water. Furthermore, there is an 8,000 square meter lawn and approximately one kilometer of internal roads.

Inside the park there are various services, including a self-service restaurant, a grill restaurant, a central bar, two kiosk bars, a photographer's kiosk, two covered canopies for a total of 1,500 square meters and several areas of shade equipped with gazebos and a relaxation area. There is also an amphitheater with capacity for 900 spectators and a beach volleyball court.

The water park is equipped with a large swimming pool 50 meters long and 40 meters wide at its maximum curve, with the production of artificial waves. There are six adult slide facilities with 10 independent runs starting from four towers, three of which can be ridden by inflatable boats. Additionally, there are six children's slides. There are two solariums, with the capacity to accommodate 500 deck chairs with umbrellas. Inside the children's pool there is a hydromassage station with 12 seats and two chaise longues.

Acquapark Scivolandia


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San Giovanni Gemini
Acquapark Scivolandia

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Acquapark Scivolandia

The largest water park in central Sicily

0922 908260

Contrada Tumarrano, 92022 Cammarata AG, Italia

"Mon - Sun 9:00 - 18:00
(Summer only)


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Acquapark Scivolandia
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